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My grandpa just died. Oh my God.

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Oh my God.

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Ahahaha. 4 a.m. fire alarm. That's the second early morning one in a month. At least this time I remembered to put on real shoes instead of flip-flops.

For once, I'm really grateful for this insomnia shit. Getting jarred awake by those alarms really sucks. But that low buzzing that comes before the HOLYFUCKINGSHITLOUD alarm is also shitty for the way it fills you with dread. After we got outside we huddled in front of the warm-ish vent by George Reed while everyone around us freaked the fuck out.

Don't think I'm gonna go back to trying to sleep.

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Sunday was a good day. I went to that Obama thing in Wilmington, I got dinner at Jake's, and the Patriots lost the Superbowl.

Justin helped me pick up some fish to replace Rasputin and Babycakes. Fish are fucking cannibalistic barbarians. Uggghhh. The other night I looked over at them and all these different types of fish were tossing around one of the little ones trying to rip him apart. Grossgrossgross.

It's good to have kids back from study abroad. Anna's moved back in. She sent me what is probably the greatest and most blasphemous postcard ever.

Final tomorrow. I wish we had a week off between winter and spring semesters. Winter session hasn't been hard or anything, but it'd still be nice. Oh well.

This continues to confuse me and crack me up. What a bizarre movie that was.

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Then it's the memory of our betters
That are keeping us on our feet.
You spent the first five years tryin to get with the plan
And the next five years tryin to be with your friends again...

I love the lyrics to this song.

Winter break was good. I love my friends and interesting conversations and reading lots of books. Also, on Christmas day, my grandpa decided it was super amusing to text me and call me while I'm in the same room or house as him. He is adorable with technology.

I've been pretty restless this winter session. It's weird, cause I didn't have a roommate last year and my most of my floor wasn't there for winter, but this year I cannot handle it as much. Maybe it's cause I only have one class and it's not hard. But being so restless hasn't really translated into me getting much done. I finally got around to scheduling my damn Praxis exams, though, and I put some pretty pictures up on the walls here. That's something. I really like having time to see people and stuff.

My sister had to get her appendix out. Pobrecita. I'm glad she's feeling better. When I went home to visit we had a mini The Office marathon. That was fun.

I think the writers have legit reasons to strike, but honestly, I'm kind of glad the Daily Show and Colbert Report are back, even though they aren't as good as normal. I don't think I could've put up with enough ridiculous election coverage to keep myself reasonably well-informed and not go crazy without those shows. Also, speaking of TV, it continues to baffle me how Ricky has not been kicked off Project Runway yet. His clothes suck, and he has cried literally every single episode. Oh yeah, and I saw Juno the other week. Most of the soundtrack was twee as fuck, but I really liked the movie.

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Merry Christmaaas! I can't sleep. I'm so glad my grandparents' neighbors don't secure their wireless connection, because I finished most of my books before I got here and would be so bored without the internet. Thanks neighbors!

So I bought my grandparents a copy of Stephen Colbert's book for Christmas, cause they really like his show. But then as I was looking through before wrapping it, I saw there is a page full of pictures of dogs' balls. Hahahahaaa. Fuck. I don't think I'll be giving that as a present to my grandparents now.

I hope that when I am teacher, none of my students' parents ever come in with a homemade Jamaican voodoo doll of me and tell me, in all seriousness, they'll be using it on me. Man.

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One of the brainfish died last Friday. RIP Rasputin. Poor Babycakes, his gross-ass brain covers his eyes. He probably doesn't even realize his buddy's gone.

Uh so after this weekend, which mostly sucked but had a few good parts, I decided I'm going to stop taking shit from people and stand up for myself more often. I can't change if people are douchebags, but I don't have to put up with it.

I'm doing that thing with the ELI program where I help foreign students practice English. Met some chill people at this potluck dinner thing. Maybe I should move to South Korea; they love Hines Ward and teaching is one of the most respected professions there.

Anna's cat's stay here got extended by two weeks. Bongo is bipolar. I adore her when she's being nice and friendly during the day, but she's really annoying when she's being all weird and pissy at night. Almost got caught with her yesterday. I was taking a shower when the nice old man in the Eagles cap who checks that we have our fire extinguisher came around. He knocked and said, "Fire extinguisher check!" And I was like, "Ummm I can't open the door right now." And he said, "Oh, I can just come in and check it real quick." I was like "NOYOUCANNOT!," grabbed a towel, ran out with shampoo still in my hair, tossed Bongo into the bedroom, and let him in. Goddamn.

Actually, no one I know in the Towers seems to know the guy I'm talking about... Ha, I wonder if he's not actually with maintenance and is just some creeper, or if I'm imagining him.

Got a lot of shit to get done this weekend. Merhhh.

And if the whole world's singing your songs,
And all your paintings have been hung,
Just remember what was yours is everyone's from now on.

And that's not wrong or right,
But you can struggle with it all you like,
You'll only get uptight.

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School's been intense. Last night, I got home from classes at 3:00 and, except for like an hour and 45 minutes, did homework and studied until 11:00. I hope things let up soon. Then last night, it was dumb, I couldn't fall asleep until 7am. My brain has shit timing.

It's not really that I'm stressing, cause my primary reaction to tons of work isn't to freak out, it's to just go into it and do it. I just don't know if I have the energy to get done everything I need to do.

I am seriously perplexed at how so many people I know can do barely any reading or assignments or studying. Like, whaaaaaaaaat.

Professors should not be allowed to send out an email at 11:00 on a Sunday night telling you the homework that's due at 1:25 on Monday.

certain songs they get scratched into our souls
I've had a lot of schoolwork lately. 5 fuckin hours Thursday night. Most of my classes are good, though. Arabic is hard but I wanted it to be something different so that's cool, and people in my class are chill. I love seeing where Spanish got some of its words from. Intro to Literacy Instruction is interesting. My geography professor is a fascinating guy. Math and political science are okay.

As long as I can remember, I haven't taken naps unless I'm pretty sick. But since I got to school, I've been taking them like every other day. Weird. Maybe I'm sick.

Seeing Linz tonight!!!

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Friday and Saturday were very very good. Scrapple, on the other hand, is the grossest stuff I have ever tasted. I was hoping to go through life without ever experiencing it, but those fuckers insisted. Grossgrossgross. There are some chill, interesting people out there. It's just finding them.


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